Episode 1: An American Daughter

You can have a listen to the first episode here, which focuses on defining and decoding gender equality.  How does the US score on gender equality? (hint: not great) What does gender equality look like in Iceland, the most feminist country in the world? You will also hear how women from around the world define feminism. 



Episode 2: They See Me As Human

In this episode, professional squash player Maria Toorpakay Wazir shares her story of growing up in a Pakistani village known for being one of the most dangerous places on earth. At the age of 4, Maria decided to life her life as a boy - cutting off her hair and burning her dresses. Her father supported her, and gave her the name Genghis Khan - setting her out into the world to live life and practice squash as a boy. Her family never saw her as a boy or a girl, only human. You’ll hear Maria’s incredible story of defying death threats from the Taliban and learn how she persevered to become one of the world’s best squash players.


Episode 3: I’m a Fighter

In this painful and powerful episode, NY State Police Investigator Sayeh Rivazfar tells her story of surviving the unimaginable. As a young child, Sayeh’s voice was ignored by case workers, by the police, by the court, by other adults and by the state of Florida. Her immigrant father’s attempts to gain custody of his children were ignored by the American court system. Sayeh’s voice was eventually heard when her throat was slashed at the age of 8. But by then, it was ultimately too late for Sayeh’s younger sister, Sara. Her story is deeply painful, yet also powerful. Sayeh could be called a victim and a survivor, but ultimately she likes to call herself a fighter, because throughout her life she has never given up.