The Host


Molly Dunn

Equal parts journalist, anthropologist, sociologist and feminist  (also part-time comedian) -  Molly Dunn has made a career of observing human behavior, having studied various cultures around the world for over 18 years as a brand strategist. Eager to understand why gender equality is still not equal in the US, Molly travels the world in an attempt to find the answer.

'The Voice of Us' breaks down feminist theory and uncovers issues that are important to women, so the audience will not only learn more about feminism, but begin to put feminist theory into every day practice. 

Molly studied Psychology & Communications at Villanova University and has taught strategic planning at the New York Institute of Technology. She’s won Cannes Lions and Effies, and her work for brands has been covered in the NY Times, USA Today, AdWeek, AdAge & Forbes. She’s written and produced a podcast series for Facebook and has worked at NBC News. She’s also done stand-up comedy in NY. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.